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I was born in Zululand on 12 August 1970.... things were a bit fuzzy in the beginning but when I started focusing on things I’m pretty sure it was with a camera. Since I can remember I have always had a camera.

First influenced by my father who gave me my first SLR camera when I was about 11, my love for photography grew into a fulltime adventure. I made the transition to digital early as I loved the instant results that it produced. When I studied my NH Dip in Graphic Design (1989 - 1992), I also took photography as a subject and these two disciplines are now the core of my current business. I worked for a large independent Durban advertising and design agency for over 11 years where I gained more experience in both fields. I have a small studio, but shoot on location as well. I like to keep my work varied and try not to specialise in any particular field. I like to think that this keeps my work fresh and keeps me thinking and continually solving problems.

On the publication side I have been a regular photographic contributor to Metrobeat, SA Paddler, Go Multi, Runner’s World USA, Pharmasales, Discovering SA, Top Spots, The Property Magazine, Moutainbiker, Sports Guide and Sport’nLife. Commercial photographic work includes John Dory’s, City of Durban, tevo, Republic Umbrella, Fatima’s Favourite Foods, BDO, Trellidor, Suncoast, Vila Oceana, Shapes for Women, Doglegright, NB Music Records, Wakefields Property Development, RL Daly inc, Buck’s Ridge wine & olives and Graffiti.
  About Jon Ivins
  About Jon Ivins
About Jon Ivins   About Jon Ivins